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Trading Company

About us

Island inspired, music city infused, Kokomo Trading Company is the culmination of delicious chef-created cuisine, extraordinary beverages, and exceptional live music. Kokomo features a scratch kitchen where familiar and exotic flavors will satisfy and immerse you in an atmosphere of warmth, relaxation, adventure, and the spirit of community. Locally sourced where possible, most everything on the menu is seed oil free. The seafood is wild caught and and care is placed on selecting only the finest ingredients. 

Meet our Executive CHEF
Executive chef and one of the owners, David Morrow, was born and raised on the Emerald island of Ireland. David was recognized early on for his outstanding ability in the Culinary Arts. He was eventually recruited and trained by Irish Celebrity Chef and television personality, Neven Maguire, at the world famous MacNean House. Chef Morrow brings his passion for excellence in food along with years of experience and love for agriculture, farming, producing and sourcing only the finest nutrient rich products. He met and married his wife Timmon and now lives with their two children in Franklin. He and Timmon are the founders of Grow2Nourish specializing in growing Healthy Organic Food From Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds.

About our name:
The name Kokomo is most commonly associated with the song of the same title by the Beach Boys about an imaginary Island off the coast of Florida Keys. It is meant to immediately invoke the sense of a beautiful place where our guests can escape, relax and enjoy. A trading company is an organization that establishes commerce with foreign nations or in overseas territories - adding an element of adventure, fine flavors and travel.

About our logo:
Our logo contains three main elements. The palm tree represents resiliance, peace, rest, comfort and the tropics, a sunset represents beauty, romance, the perfect time of day (golden hour) and the schooner, a sailing vessel, represents the Spirit of freedom and adventure transporting the finest of goods.

About our founders:
Kokomo Trading Company Westhaven is founded by music industry veterans and entrepreneurs Loren Johnson and Jason Tucker. Much of the theme is inspired from time spent on beaches and islands around the world and the wonderful feeling of escaping the everyday and experiencing 'your favorite place'. Loren grew up on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and spent time in The Caymans, St. Lucia, Grenada, Saint Martin, as well as Maui and Oahu. He spent many years living in the Beach cities of Los Angeles before moving to Franklin. As a touring musician, Jason has traveled throughout the United States and to many countries. For years he has enjoyed spending time with his family on the beautiful beaches of Florida in the region known as 30A. Loren and Jason have a passion for great food, great drinks and great music and hospitality, an atmosphere of warmth, relaxation, adventure and the Spirit of community where everyone is recognized and valued.

Our Executive Chef:
David Morrow was born and raised in Northern Ireland in the town of Enniskillen in the county of Fermanagh. It was here that he developed a love of food and farming, His culinary skills were recognized at an early age when he won a competion that earned him the opprtunity to work in Reykjavik, Iceland at the internatioanly reknowned Perlan restaurant . David was later persoanlly recruited by Irish celebrity chef and television personality Neven Maguire to work for him at the famous MacNean House and Restaurant. David would go on to travel the world visiting over a dozen countrues including Borneo, Indonesia, Holland, Israel, before meeting and marrying his beautiful wife Timmon in Los Angeles. They moved to Tennessee from Los Angeles and now have two children

Our vision : Positively transforming communities by transforming the local restaurant experience.

Our Mission
To become an award-winning, in-demand, and celebrated destination. To be known for beauty, hospitality, innovation and excellence in service. Distinguished by our superb food, unparalleled drinks, and exceptional live music. Renowned for the honor and respect with which we treat each other and our customers.

Our Values
Honor, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Innovation Transparency, Excellence, Restoration, Generosity, Passion